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Defodio Digital is the brainchild of founder Vibhor Gulati. The idea of starting an influencer and digital marketing platform bloomed in 2015 with the main agenda in mind to ease the process of connecting brands with influencers with ace digital marketing ideology. 

Over the span of over 7 years now, Defodio has successfully partnered with top Indian and International brands, along with a lot of celebrities, leading influencers, social media stars, etc.. 

Our founder, Vibhor Gulati is a major Harry Potter buff, i.e. a Potterhead, which is why the company was baptized with the name: Defodio Digital. Defodio in Harry Potter fandom literally is a charm, that is used to gouge out specific areas of material, such as earth or stone.


We focus on creating insightful out-of-the-box campaigns

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Best in class Video Production, no other brand or agency in the tech industry has ever made such videos for any campaign. Our brand also focuses on delivering the content whilst communicating an important message, advertising, promoting ideas in order to increase engagement for the brand, thereby resulting in increased revenue and customer engagement.

We believe that through our campaigns, our purpose is not just solely focused on increasing sales and engagement, but also to accentuate and re-iterate awareness in society. We believe in making campaigns that leave a lasting impression on our audience.

Our company makes sure of utilizing Influencer Marketing in the best way possible. We aim at recognizes the best usage of an influencer to create the maximum buzz that led to an increase in sales and engagement.

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