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At Defodio, we believe in excavating the best and precise technique for our clients from the aggregate of ideas and concepts. Defodio in Harry Potter fandom literally is a charm, that is used to gouge out specific areas of material, such as earth or stone.

Brands these days don’t just sell their products, but they connect, engage and involve their target audience in the best possible way. We help you achieve the same by creating brand specific strategies, interesting content and fun engagement ideas........ Read More...

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Influencer Marketing

Engaging celebrities, bloggers and social media influencers to amplify the campaigns. And drive business results

Paid Marketing

Getting the word out in main stream, vernacular and blogs using sponsored posts

Content Creation

Our creative writing experts create content for your blog, publication and social media text copy.

Short Ads Production

with our own production team we handle short Instagram Ads for clients

Social Media

Handling social media accounts, creating posts and promoting through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Online Reputation

Listening to the feedback by the followers and repairing, replying to it

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Work isn’t just in the papers or files; it is rather in the customers and the team we works with.

Vibhor Gulati

A post-graduate from FORE School of Management, New Delhi, Vibhor Gulati is known for his simplistic and inquisitive leading style, which motivates people to think out of the box. He is a young and energetic person who has a deep passion for Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing.

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